From a combination of automotive passion and love for animals, based on years of experience in transport and shipping, we created a new department in our company in November 2018. Working on this product was a mission with the goal to create the most professional licensed animal transport company in Europe. It is to you dear customers and your pets that we dedicate our commitment, hoping that our brand and services will fully satisfy your expectations.

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Professional transport of pets


Our advantage is communication, transparency and timeliness of the proposed services. When organizing transport we always give you the opportunity to use Whatsaap group, where a few days before departure you can find drivers' schedule, maps of pick-ups and deliveries of your animals and estimated time of service. Providing GPS location throughout the journey makes the organization easier and makes us transparent at every stage of the route.


Safety is first and foremost staff trained in first aid and handling animals during transport, as well as the latest cars equipped with a dog traffic assistant, brake assistant and GPS monitoring systems. Carrier liability insurance in domestic and international traffic extended to include protection of animals in transport is guaranteed by PZU company, policy no. 1054154544.


You entrust your animals to six people who constantly expand their knowledge by training in the field of transport care and behavioral and kynological courses, all in order to do the job even more professionally and responsibly.


ATS TRANSPORT has been present on the forwarding and transportation market since June 1999. The experience we have gained over the years makes our work easier when it comes to route planning, mapping and forecasting journey times. The knowledge we have gained about the current laws in domestic and international traffic, as well as about the requirements for transporting animals in transit and destination countries, gives us the certainty of perfectly prepared transport documents.

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